KDR Wellness offers a variety of holistic wellness solutions designed for individuals or groups looking to make a lasting lifestyle change. Whether your goal is getting stronger, making changes to your weight, or mastering your hormones, our clients achieve sustainable results that last a lifetime.

Unlike other fitness professionals who work in the virtual space, we do not offer cookie-cutter programs or unsustainable quick fixes. All our services treat you as an entire human, with complex emotions and real lives. We want you to know that you are cared for and supported in this process of becoming the happiest, healthiest version of yourself.

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virtual holistic nutrition coaching and intuitive nutrition workshop

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receive support and accountability as you train to reach your goals

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providing prenatal and postnatal personal training and birth doula services


start where you are
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Holistic Nutrition Coaching

What is a holistic nutrition coach?

Holistic nutrition examines not just what you're eating, but how, why, and where you're eating it. No matter what your goals are, we understand that so many factors affect the way you eat; time, sleep, stress, work, family, relationships, taste preferences, hormones, and so much more. In order to truly change the way you eat for good and get results that stick, a holistic nutrition coach takes all of these things into consideration.

What's included in your coaching program?

$200 a month includes a 30-minute call each week with your coach.


During your meeting, we'll break down long-term goals into weekly bite-sized actions and check in on the goals from the week prior. Each package and program is customized to the participant and their goals, but can include meal planning/meal prep assistance, elimination diets, portion guides, exercise & movement support, sleep & stress management support, and more!


*There's no minimum requirement, but we recommend committing to at least 3 months in order to see real results in lifestyle changes.

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Intuitive Nutrition Workshop

Coach Kristen partners with Chef Gabi in her signature 10-week virtual program teaching you how to reject society's guidelines & expectations around your diet, figure out what YOU want to eat, how to make healthy food taste good, and let your intuition guide you *stress-free* through the grocery store.